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Long Island Small Business Web Design

Start the path to your new modern, high-performing website by clicking below and planning an absolutely FREE web design consultation call with a web professional. Learn what you could be doing to make sure you're seen by potential customers online.

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simple & Professional Web Designs

As a leading Long Island web designer, we are dedicated to delivering professional website designs that reflect the unique character and values of your business. Our team of experienced website designers specializes in combining general design principles, UX, UI, and branding to create stunning, results-driven websites. We also ensure that our designs are optimized for on-page SEO to boost your search engine visibility and ensure a seamless viewing experience across all devices. Whether you're looking to grow your small business or organization, we are here to help you succeed.

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We believe that desktop computers offer the best computing experience. Despite the increasing popularity of mobile devices, desktop internet browsing still accounts for a significant portion of global internet searches. That's why we prioritize creating web designs that are optimized for desktop, taking advantage of the larger screen sizes to deliver a superior user experience. Our websites are not only responsive to all screen sizes, but also offer additional optimizations specifically for desktops, ensuring that your business can reach the maximum audience possible.

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As a highly-rated Long Island website designer, we understand the importance of providing an optimal experience on all devices, including tablets. With their larger screens, tablets offer a middle ground between desktops and mobile devices, often serving as a dedicated browsing device. Our websites are designed to be responsive to all screen sizes, but we also offer additional optimizations specifically for tablets, ensuring that your business can reach customers regardless of their device preference.

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We recognize the growing trend of mobile internet browsing and the importance of delivering an optimized experience on smartphones. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it's crucial to offer fast-loading pages and finely-tuned design methods for smaller screens. Our websites are designed to be responsive to all screen sizes, but we also offer additional optimizations specifically for smartphones, ensuring that your business can reach customers on-the-go. Let us help you drive results and connect with your audience with a mobile-optimized website design.


Ai1 Discovery Package

* $39.00 is a monthly Maintenance & Management rate and does not include initial Design & Development fee.

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The Ai1 Development Discovery Package is a unique, modern, and simple package for those who want a professionally designed website but don't have the budget for all the fancy bells and whistles that come with bigger web design projects. It's perfect for small businesses and startup organizations to get found on the internet and grow like they intend to.

start existing online

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They helped my business out tremendously. Very quick and professional service. They gave me a slick and professional looking website and practical and easy user interface. I would use them again for my web development needs as well as refer them to my friends and business associates.

Jermaine Washington

CEO, Entrepreneur, Professional Consultant



As a web design ally, we are committed to promoting inclusiveness and serving clients from diverse backgrounds. Our agency offers a comprehensive range of website content and tools that cater to various industries. With availability permitting, we would be honored to be your web design partner, providing support for all your needs and goals.

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