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Our web design approach is to create professional looking websites that reflect the unique personalities and values of each business through means of general design principles, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and branding. These designs are built with the intent of helping you grow your small business or organization. They all utilize On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you show up on search results and make sure that no matter what screen someone is viewing your website on, the experience is perfect.


Desktops are still the most powerful computers and thus in our opinion offer the best computing experience overall. Desktop internet browsing still occupies a great deal of internet searches worldwide and so creating a web design that's optimized for desktop is still extremely important. The larger screen sizes offer lots of design opportunities. While our websites are responsive to all screen sizes, they offer additional optimization specifically for desktops.


Tablets are the middle ground between desktop and mobile. A lot of times they're specifically purchased with the sole purpose of browsing the internet. Some larger tablet screens can offer a viewing experience similar to desktop and some smaller screens require the fine tuning of mobile design.  While our websites are responsive to all screen sizes, they offer additional optimization specifically for tablets.


Mobile (smartphone) internet browsing is quickly growing as the number 1 method of internet browsing. Mobile design comes with many fine-tuned design methods that allow for a pleasant viewing experience on smaller screens as well as fast-loading pages that will display quickly with your phone provider's lesser service! While our websites are responsive to all screen sizes, they offer additional optimization specifically for smartphones.


Ai1 Discovery Package

* $39.00 is a monthly Maintenance & Management rate and does not include initial Design & Development fee.


The Ai1 Development Discovery Package is a unique, modern, and simple package for those who want a professionally designed website but don't have the budget for all the fancy bells and whistles that come with bigger web design projects. 

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They helped my business out tremendously. Very quick and professional service. They gave me a slick and professional looking website and practical and easy user interface. I would use them again for my web development needs as well as refer them to my friends and business associates.

Jermaine Washington

CEO, Entrepreneur, Professional Consultant

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We are an inclusive agency that takes on all clients for our web design services as long as we have the availability to do so. We offer an extensive variety in terms of website content and tools that could benefit all lines of work. We look forward to being your web design ally.

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Ai1 Development is a web design company that builds fully responsive, mobile-in-mind, high performing websites with modern and effective designs. We are located in Port Washington (Long Island) and focus our efforts on helping other local small businesses and organizations exist online and grow their online presence. 

As part of our effort to help grow local small businesses we offer an absolutely free consultation call to discuss web strategy as well and the things your company is currently doing right or could do right in the future. We hope that when it comes time to choose a Long Island web designer, you think of Ai1 Development to help you accomplish those goals.

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