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Ai1 Discovery Packaage

The Ai1 Discovery Package is our unique website solution that offers local small businesses and organizations an opportunity to get a professionally developed and managed website for their specific needs at an affordable price.

Stock photo of an iPad with a responsive website design on screen.

What does it include?

The design and development process will be somewhat fluid but is typically limited to font-end design and development. This means displaying information, photographs, text, and simple contact forms connected to your preferred email address. The pages will be search engine optimized (SEO) to help you show up when clients are looking for things related to your website on Google and Bing search engines. The design will be responsive, making sure your website looks good no matter what screen size your viewers are using. While this package can encompass more complex things like blogs, online stores, and more, we recommend you have us design you a fully custom website for those things. 

Stock photo of man standing in front of his small business.

Who is it for?

The Ai1 Discovery Website Package is intended for small businesses are organizations. Often, starting a business or organization comes with a lot of expected and unexpected costs. Getting online is more important now than ever for an up-and-coming business to be taken seriously. While we encourage the highest standards for websites, it may not be realistic for all companies to spend many thousands of dollars on a website. We believe that it isn't fair for the companies who want to exist online in the professional world but can't afford the high cost of most websites. We created this package for those businesses and for businesses that don't yet realize the importance of existing online.

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What does it cost?

Almost all solutions under the Ai1 Discovery Package will cost $39.00 USD per month after the initial design and development fee. The design and development fee will vary depending on the wants and needs of the client, but all of our projects built under this model so far (as of August 2022) have costed our clients under $1000.00 USD for the entire design and development process. Additional discounts are available for Military & Law Enforcement, both active and retired, upon verification of identification.

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