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Why We Use Wix Studio For All Small Business Web Design Projects in 2024

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As a professional web designer, I understand the importance of using the right tools to create stunning, high-performing websites. As the demand for small business web design increases, it is crucial that my agency stays ahead of the game. That's why I choose Wix Studio for all of our small business web design projects.

The Need for a Small Business Website

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For starters, I stand by the belief that every small business should have a website eventually. Whether you piece your website together yourself with a web builder like or get it professionally designed with your favorite web designer like Ai1 Development, there will be some benefit to having one. If you’re unsure if you should get a website for your small business, check out “Do I Really Need A Website For My Small Business” and if you’re not sure if you should do it yourself, we recommend reading “Build My Own Website Or Hire A Pro?” from our selection of small business support articles. Our goal is to help you succeed and if that means you need to build your own website, we’re cool with it!

Do you use WordPress?

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No. We have used WordPress in the past and it is a solid platform. It really is good. We just believe that the Wix Studio platform are better.

Some of the concerns we had with WordPress were with the third-party software, or plug-ins. They required constant updating which meant the time to update them was time billable to our clients, they’re another thing that can break unexpectedly causing our clients to potentially lose money or customers, and the whole system felt like more of a "fill in the blanks" web platform. We like designing websites. That’s why we do what we do. That’s also why we almost always start from a completely blank screen for every small business website we build.

We are confident we made the right choice and we are confident you'll love your website.

What is Wix Studio?

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Wix is a cloud-based website builder that has been in the industry for over a 10 years. It has a slew of intuitive features and has prided itself on its friendly user interface, making it accessible to people with no prior coding experience. Wix Studio takes this a step further. It was created by Wix as a web design platform specifically meant for professional web designers, agencies, and businesses to build websites using their knowledge of HTML, CSS, and programing paired with countless time-saving features.

Fast Design & Development

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One of the key benefits of Wix Studio is the speed at which web designers can complete projects. With the Wix Studio platform, designers can build an entire website from scratch; sometimes without writing any code. However, Wix Studio offers a wide range of pre-made templates and design elements, which could save even more time for the designer. This results in a faster turnaround time for our clients, which is always beneficial.

Cost Efficiency of Software and Labor

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Another great aspect of Wix Studio is its cost efficiency. Compared to other web design software, Wix offers a lower cost of entry and subscription, making it ideal for small businesses. The feature-rich platform also eliminates the need for a developer in a lot of cases, saving our clients even more money. This allows small business owners to invest their resources into other aspects of their business, while still having a professionally designed website.

Creation of Velo Programming Language

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Wix is responsible for the creation of Velo, a new coding language that allows professional designers to build more complex designs with speed and ease. Velo allows designers to create custom interactions, animations, and effects, all while being easy to learn and use. It was created by Wix for Wix Studio designers and is similar to the JavaScript language that most designers and developers already know.

Powerful Business Solution Software

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Wix Studio not only provides a professional-looking website but also offers a powerful business solution software. This software includes solutions for online e-commerce stores, appointment scheduling and booking, restaurant online ordering, website support chat, events & ticket sales, fitness center gym sign-ups, subscriptions, blogging, and more, allowing us to offer complete all-in-one software solutions to our clients.

With these features integrated into the website, small business owners can save time and focus on running their business, rather than managing their website. The business solution software with website integration is enough to completely run a business in most cases.

Dedicated Wix Owner Application

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One of the most incredible benefits is the ABSOLUTELY FREE Wix Owner application created by Wix. This is a dedicated application for our clients to use to manage all of their website software. For example, if they took advantage of the appointment scheduling software, they can utilize the Wix Owner application to do things like look up their upcoming appointments, modify them, cancel them, add new ones, manage which employees are handling which appointments, set their availability, and more; right from their smartphones, tablets, or computers anywhere in the world with internet connection.

The functionality of the application depends on what you’re utilizing on your website. The more features you have on your website, the more the application will provide.

It should be noted it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to have a developer create this software and application specifically for your company so the fact that everyone can have this for free is way more significant than you think.

Powerful Marketing Software

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Wix Studio also offers a range of marketing tools to help small businesses reach their target audience. This includes features such as email campaigns, social media integration, and search engine optimization (SEO). The web control panel for either the small business or the web agency managing it for them offers direct connections to things like Facebook and Instagram, as well as thorough email integrations to send large quantities of professional emails with ease or even automation.

Unrivaled Security

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Security is always a top priority for any website. Wix Studio offers unrivaled security with features such as SSL certificates as a standard through their connection with Amazon Web Services, automatic backups, and 24/7 monitoring by their dedicated security teams. Their teams don’t just react to problems, they proactively monitor and prevent. This provides small business owners with peace of mind, knowing their website and customer data are secure and should be expected to maintain 99% uptime.

Partnered with Google and SEMRush

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Wix Studio has also partnered with Google and SEMRush, two of the leading companies in the SEO industry. This partnership provides us and our clients with access to the latest SEO techniques and tools, making it easier for small businesses to improve their search engine rankings. Google integrations allow easy structured targeting for how Google targets your website to show the public.

SEMRush is arguably the most powerful SEO tool on the market and plans start at $99/mo. A portion of the functionality is provided by SEMRush to all Wix users for FREE.


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If you haven’t drawn this conclusion already by yourself, Wix Studio is the perfect solution for small business web design. Wix Studio platform has become so powerful over the years that it has established offices in cities across the globe and gained partnerships with web industry leaders. They’ve integrated their platform with almost every single aspect of succeeding on the web. We have utilized our partnership with Wix to help our clients and fellow small business owners succeed online.





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